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Self – introduction 自我介绍:
My name is _____. I was graduated from _____________l in 2010. I have the work experience for the KTV, hotels and restaurants. During my working, I learned a lot. I like the work of Marine Hotel, and I hope I can be a member of your company.
Questions & Answers 问与答:
1.    Would you tell me your name?  what's the meaning of your name? 能告诉我你的名字吗?你的名字有什么含义么?
What is your English name ? Do you know the meaning of your English name? Why you choose this name? Who gave you the name?你有英文名字么?你知道这个名字的含义么?你为什么起这个名字?谁给你起的英文名?(记住千万不要以颜色、动物或物体来起英文名,有的英语词典后面有很多英文名集锦,可以在那里面找。英文名的意思也可以在词典或者网上搜索到。不要找发音难或者生僻的英文名字。)
2.   What’s your hobby in your spare time? / What do you usually do in your spare time? (How do you spend your spare time? 你休息时间的兴趣爱好是什么?你休息时间一般做什么?
-Are you good at dancing? How many years you learned?/How long have you learn it?你舞蹈跳的好么?学了几年?
-Which book/movie you like best? Or what kinds of book/movie you like best? Why? 你喜欢哪本书?h或你喜欢哪种类型的书?为什么?
3.    Do you have girlfriend? 你有女朋友吗?
----No, I haven’t recently. 不,暂时没有
Do you want one? / Will you have one in our cruise? 你想交一个吗?你想在我们的邮轮上交一个吗?
----Maybe, but work must first. 也许吧,但是工作第一。
4.    What’s your age? / How old are you? / When was you born? 你多大?/ 你什么时候出生的?
5.    What’s the name of your school / College / University? 你毕业院校的名字是……?
6.    What is your major? or What do you learn in the school ?你是哪个专业的?你是学什么的?
7.    Talk about your college.谈谈你的学校。What about your college?你的学校怎么样?
8.    How many languages can you speak?你会说几种语言?
9.    How long have you learn English?你学习英语多长时间了?
10.How many English courses do you have every day/one week ? 你们一天/一周几节英语课?
11.  Have you ever worked for the hotels or restaurants ? 你以前在酒店或者是饭店做过吗?
12. Do you know the salary of our company? 你知道我们公司的薪资吗?
-Yes, It’s    dollars per month. 是的,每月    美金。
Do you satisfied with our salary? 你对我们公司的薪资满意吗?
----Yes, it is quite a lot / good for me. 是的,这对于我来说很多了/ 很好了。
13.    Do you have any working experience \Do you have any jobs?你有任何的工作经验么?你有工作么?
14.    Do you know how to serve the guest / customers well? 你知道怎么把客人服务好吗?
15.    Why do you want to work for Singapore\on boat\for Star Cruise ?为什么你想在新加坡/船上/丽星邮轮工作?
16.    Do you know our company ?(这里是指丽星) Do you know anything about Star cruises? 你了解丽星邮轮公司吗?(用英文对丽星做一个简单的介绍,三句就可以了。学生的答案句型请不要一致)
17.    How about the relationship between you and your father /mother /sister /brother?How are you making out with your father/mother/sister/brother ? 你和你父亲/母亲/姐妹/兄弟的关系怎么样?
18.    Which one (who) do you like better, your father or mother? Why? 你爸和你妈你更喜欢哪一个?为什么?
19.    What’s your father (mother) doing ? 你爸爸/妈妈是做什么的? What’s the occupation of your parents? 你父母是职业是什么?
-He/she works on which company? /她在哪里工作?
-Do they support you to work on a ship? 他们支持你去船上工作么?
20.    Which teacher (classmate) do you like best ? Why ? Can you describe her/him?你最喜欢你的哪个老师/同学?为什么?你能介绍一下他/她吗?
21.    Where is your hometown? 你的家乡在哪?
22.    how long it takes you from your hometown to here by train/bus?从你家乡坐火车/汽车到这要多长时间?How far away from here to your hometown?从这到你家乡有多远?
23.    Is there any interesting place in your hometown? Could you introduce some interesting place in your hometown? 你们家乡有什么名胜古迹?你能介绍一下你家乡的名胜古迹么?Can you tell me the most famous local food/snakes in your hometown? 能告诉我你家乡有什么有名的小吃么?
24.    How tall are you? what’s your weight/height?你有多高?你有多重/高?
25.    What kind of position are you looking for? 你想申请什么职位?
Maritime hotel 海上酒店   Club 俱乐部    restaurant 饭店   hobby爱好
waiter 男服务员   waitress女服务员Service 服务 house keeping 客房服务 Wuhan Vocational School武汉职业技术学院 major 专业 Salary薪水 guest / customer客人
a. 来面试时穿正装(男生白色衬衣,黑色长裤,黑色袜子,黑色皮鞋;女生穿套裙,肉色丝袜,皮鞋。切忌穿拖鞋,短裤,头发凌乱等邋遢的外观)
b. 男生一律短发,鬓角不得超过耳垂;女生一律束发或短发,妆容以淡雅为宜。
c. 若有汗手应在面试前及时告知,以便及时做应急处理。
d. 和面试官见面时,微笑着打招呼,给考官一个好的第一印象。
e. 考官测试完以后要礼貌的说Thank you very much!”
1.      用最简单易懂的单词进行回答。
2.      不要一个问题只回答一句话,最好将更多信息及内容填充。
3.      请牢记面试关键词汇,面试官会以不同的句型提出一个问题,请抓住问题里面的关键词。
4.      请发掘自身的兴趣和特长,在回答问题时,尽量将特长和才艺展示出来。
5.      回答的内容要积极向上,不要给面试官消极的印象。
6.      应试者应当与主考官保持目光接触,以表示对主考官的尊重。为避免紧张可盯住主考官的鼻梁处或下巴。思考问题时不要向两边看、做小动作,可以望向目面试官的手,办公桌等。切忌目光犹疑,躲避闪烁,这是缺乏自信的表现。
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